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Annual DSRC Awards

The DSRC recognizes individuals for their outstanding work and dedication to the community and to the field of respiratory care.


Patricia M. Blevins Award

The award was named after Senator Blevins because she was instrumental in gaining licensure for the Respiratory Care Practitioners in our state.  Likewise, the recipient of this award should be someone who works to advance the practice of Respiratory Care Professionals.  This person should be considered a role model of professional development in his/her field, and should be respected as a leader in the community in which they practice.  Previous recipients include: Patricia Blevins, Arthur McLaughlin, John Rendle, Robert Lang, Patricia Resnik, Robert Donnelly, Joel Brown and Dawn Selhorst.


Community Health Award

The first of these awards was given to Senator David McBride for his work toward the promotion of a Smoke-Free Delaware.  The recipient of this award should be respected for the work they do to improve the health in the community.  It is never enough to just treat illness, we need to strive to prevent illness and improve health in our communities.  This person should be a respected member of the community who has worked to improve the health of the community at large. Previous recipients include: Senator McBride, Dr. Albert Rizzo, Governor Ruth Ann Minner, Deborah Brown and Mary Gant.



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