The 2015 DSRC Annual Fall Conference will be held at


November 5, 2015



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Don’t Be Like Steve!

This humorous presentation put the profession on trial, indicting old, outdated policies, methodologies and thinking. Steve is a manager entrenched in the old ways. Some of his staff want more for themselves and their patients. Some just like having a beer with Steve on the weekends. Don't be like Steve!

Watch the video here: http://www.aarc.org/campaigns/dont-be-like-steve/


New Look for the AARC Website

Have you visited the AARC website lately? You'll like its fresh new user-friendly look. In particular, you might want to explore the Education section, which describes the various course offerings: on-line, live and group courses. AARC University is the AARC’s online learning portal. It's easy to register, take the course, and take an examination to receive your CRCE credits. Did you know that there are 51 free credits online right now for AARC members.


DSRC Store is open for business!

Please check out our NEW STORE. The DSRC store is the place to shop for DSRC logo apparel as well as tickets to all of our events. We have streamlined the registration and payment process for our events. Please check out our store and let us know what you think.


 AARC Discount Membership

The AARC is no longer offering bulk voucher discounted memberships. In the past the DSRC and PSRC teamed up to offer discounted AARC memberships. This program is no longer available through the AARC. You can receive a discount on your AARC membership by going all digital.

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