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License Request

To apply for licensure as a Respiratory Care Practitioner, the Delaware Board of Medical Practice requires primary source verification of all credentials.  Please follow these instructions. If you have questions, please contact the Delaware Board of Medical Practice at (302) 744-4500 or at


License Verification

To verify licensure status for a respiratory care practitioner in Delaware, click the following link and perform a license verification search:


RCP License Renewal

Here is some important information:

The licensure period runs for 2 years starting from November 1st to October 31st.

Make sure you have the requisite number of continuing education units. You need twenty (20) contact hours of continuing education every two years. At least 10 of the required contact hours must be from traditional programs attended either in person or remotely by the use of telecommunication technology that allows you to interact with and ask questions of the presenter during the presentation.

For each renewal period, you must take the online training entitled Medical Professionals Mandatory Reporting Training. To register for the training, go to When you register, select Medical Professionals on the Group Code drop-down.

A few people have asked whether the Criminal History Record Check Authorization form and the Delaware Child Protection Registry Request form need to be submitted for a renewal. They do not, nor do you need to have fingerprints done again.


Continuing Educational Requirements (CEU)

This information can be found at Delaware Department of Professional Regulation

 8.0 Continuing Education


8.1 Contact Hours Required for Renewal


8.1.1 The respiratory care practitioner shall be required to complete twenty (20) contact hours of continuing education biennially. At least ten (10) of the required twenty (20) contact hours shall be from traditional programs attended either in person or remotely by the use of telecommunication technology that allows the attendee to interact with and ask questions of the presenter during the presentation. The remaining ten (10) hours may be obtained in non-traditional programs in which the participant learns the material at their own pace and place of choosing and demonstrates their mastery of the course content by examination in order to earn contact hours or by participating in the activities described in rules or below.

8.1.2 Proof of continuing education is satisfied with an attestation by the licensee that he or she has satisfied the Requirements of Rule 8.0.

8.1.3 Attestation may be completed electronically if the renewal is accomplished online. In the alternative, paper renewal documents that contain the attestation of completion may be submitted.

8.1.3 Licensees selected for random audit will be required to supplement the attendance verification pursuant to Rule 8.1.4.

8.1.4 The respiratory care practitioner shall retain all certificates and other documented evidence of participation in an approved/accredited continuing education program for a period of at least (3) three years. Upon request, such documentation shall be made available to the Council for random audit and verification purposes.

8.1.5 Contact hours shall be prorated for new licensees in accordance with the following schedule:


Two years remaining in the licensing cycle requires -

20 hours

One year remaining in the licensing cycle requires -

10 hours

(Note: All ten (10) contact hours must be taken in traditional programs as defined in Regulation 8.1.1. Six (6) of the ten (10) must be in a field of related to the science and practice of respiratory care. The four (4) remaining may be taken in any category.)

Less than one year remaining in the licensing cycle -



8.2 Exemptions


8.2.1 A licensee who because of a physical or mental illness during the license period could not complete the continuing education requirement may apply through the Council to the Board of Medical Practice for a waiver. A waiver would provide for an extension of time or exemption from some or all of the continuing education requirements for one (1) renewal period. Should the illness extend beyond one (1) renewal period, a new request must be submitted.

8.2.2 A request for a waiver must be submitted sixty (60) days prior to the license renewal date.


8.3 Criteria for Qualification of Continuing Education Program Offerings

The following criteria are given to guide respiratory care practitioners in selecting an appropriate activity/program and to guide the provider in planning and implementing continuing education activities/programs. The overriding consideration in determining whether a specific activity/program qualifies as acceptable continuing education shall be that it is a planned program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competence of the respiratory care practitioner.


8.3.1 Definition of Contact Hours Fifty consecutive minutes of academic course work, correspondence course, or seminar/workshop shall be equivalent to one (1) contact hour. A fraction of a contact hour may be computed by dividing the minutes of an activity by 50 and expressed as a decimal. Recredentialing examination for certified respiratory therapist, (CRT), and registered respiratory therapist, (RRT), shall be equivalent to five (5) contact hours. Successful completion of advanced specialty exams administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care, (NBRC), shall be equal to five (5) contact hours for each exam. One (1) semester hour shall be equal to fifteen (15) contact hours. One (1) quarter hour shall be equal to ten (10) contact hours. Two (2) hours (120 minutes) of clinical educational experience shall be equal to one (1) contact hour. Fifty (50) consecutive minutes of presentation of lectures, seminars or workshops in respiratory care or health care subjects shall be equivalent to one (1) contact hour. Preparing original lectures, seminars, or workshops in respiratory care or health care subjects shall be granted no more than two (2) contact hours for each contact hour of presentation. Performing clinical or laboratory research in health care shall be reviewed and may be granted an appropriate number of contact hour(s) at the Council’s discretion.


8.3.2 Learner Objectives Objectives shall be written and be the basis for determining content, learning experience, teaching methodologies, and evaluation. Objectives shall be specific, attainable, measurable, and describe expected outcomes for the learner.


8.3.3 Subject Matter

                  Appropriate subject matter for continuing education shall include the following: Respiratory care science and practice and other scientific topics related thereto Respiratory care education Research in respiratory care and health care Management, administration and supervision in health care delivery Social, economic, political, legal aspects of health care Teaching health care and consumer health education Professional requirements for a formal respiratory care program or a related field beyond those that were completed for the issuance of the original license


8.4 Educational Providers


8.4.1 Continuing education contact hours awarded for activities/programs approved by the following are appropriate for fulfilling the continuing education requirements pursuant to these regulations:


American Association for Respiratory Care

American Medical Association under Physician Category 1

American Thoracic Society

American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

American Heart Association

American Nurses Association

American College of Chest Physicians

American Society of Anesthesiologists

American Sleep Disorders Association

Other professional or educational organizations as approved periodically by the Council.



Mandatory Child Abuse Training

To renew your license, you will be required to attest that you have completed mandatory training required by Delaware law on

  • how to recognize child sexual and physical abuse, exploitation and domestic violence, and
  • your reporting obligations under the Medical Practice Act and 16 Del. C. §903.

The mandatory training is required by Section 1723 of the Medical Practice Act, effective August 1, 2010. It applies to everyone licensed by the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline including Physicians Assistants, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Paramedics, Genetics Counselors, Acupuncture Practitioners and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists as well as Physicians.

More information about the training can be found at Division of Professional Regulation.

Link to training module.Select icon at bottom of page for other medical/health professionals. Register and pay $10.

Please keep a record of your compliance with this mandatory training.